Balancing Sculptures

Jerzy Kedziora



Back in 2012, as a part of DIFC support of art, the Deutsche Bank Middle East Foundation announced the opening of “Global Balance”, an open air display of 25 balancing sculptures dotted across the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and suspended from wires from its buildings, including the DIFC’s iconic headquarters The Gate, and appointed our studio to curate and organize the whole exhibition, which was originally contracted for 2 months, but due to large interest from the local and international audience, the show was later extended to 6 months.

The exhibition featured statues depicting circus jugglers, trapeze artists, birds of prey and the human form in its various manifestations.
The statues are the brainchild of Polish artist Jerzy “JOTKA” Kedziora, the only artist in the world who produces such unusual pieces of art that focus on the kinetic properties of sculpture. The sculptures achieve balance as their center of gravity lies below the fulcrum, making it impossible for them to capsize.