Balancing Sculptures

Jerzy Kedziora

Thanks to fantastic reception of the sculptures during the DIFC Dubai Exhibition, we managed to find them a permanent home at the famous Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.

The sculptures amuse and attract, but above all…..they balance!

Suspended between horizontal and vertical lines, they blend in with the desert backdrop between the giant palms through the maintenance of equilibrium. The secret of the Balancing Sculptures is that “the gravity lies below the fulcrum, which makes it impossible for a sculpture to capsize. An interesting combination- wobbling with stability- a challenge of the laws of physics.”

The sculptures are like circus actors and gently move inn the wind leaving viewers apprehensively watching from below to see if they will fall…but they don’t!

It has been the first permanent sculpture exhibition for the Hotel, with new sculptures being exhibited every six to eight months.