We are creatives, art lovers, enthusiasts, craftsmen and strategists. Meet masterminds behind the projects.


We have built strong relationships through our completed projects, leading to partnerships with several talented local and international artists, designers, and architects. This diverse roster of partnerships and experiences allows us to work with and deliver a wide range of styles. It equips us to better understand and respond to the needs of the project and investors. This knowledge and experience also adds to our proficiency in delivering projects at different scales and in any specific city/urban location. We can work in a wide range of style and scale of projects, in any country, for any investor, while delivering the best results.

Our inspiration stems from cultural traditions, history and personalizing experiences, making each project unique and memorable. From conceptualizing the design to commissioning artists, we tailor every project to specifications of the client and the site. Continuously re-evaluating the elements through the process to deliver the best project.

Our corporate goals are targeted to provide the optimal conditions for required project implementation. We work with a team of highly qualified subject professionals to manage the planning, production, and implementation of sculptures & art installations. On the visual aspects, we work with world-renowned artists and designers. We create visually pleasing and impactful landmarks, presenting them in highly interactive ways, including the use of advanced technologies such as 3D printers or augmented reality to name a few.

We believe Public Art is an Urban Magnet. The visual influence of public art strengthens social connectivity. It provides a deeper understanding of foreign cultures and multiple perspectives.

We work towards the creation of a public art ecosystem. Our aim is to open up the access to art for everyone. We strongly believe in the important role ‘art’ plays in providing, for visitors, a sense of presence unique to a location, and for inhabitants, a sense of living in a prestigious, prominent place and making them feel connected to that locality. This public art ecosystem further provides the due recognition for artists and creative, allowing them to feel their importance as contributors to a city and country’s cultural heritage.