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  / Balancing Sculptures

Perfectly balanced to stay on the rope, in constant movement, shifting according to the wind.


balancing statues


m of steel cables


sculptures held in the position in maximum two places


days installation time


kilos average weight

Emirates Palace is hosting the “Global Balance” exhibition with unique hanging sculptures, including statues weighting around 25 grams and rising 1.5m from the ground, by the famous “Jotka” who is considered to be the only artist in the world who excels in this kind of creativity.

The Balancing Sculptures by Jotka amuse and attract, but above all; they balance. Balancing between horizontal and vertical lines, they blend in with any architectural, indoor or outdoor design and become a part of the scenery. The whole performance of sculptures depends on the maintenance of equilibrium.

According to Bugra Berberoglu, Emirates Palace General Manager: “This form of art will truly motivate and inspire everyone who will take a moment to visit, wonder and ask metaphorical questions as to how the sculpture balances on just one line without falling”.

He added: “It’s our moral commitment to always offer our guests ’&’ visitors the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences even when it comes to Art; we strive to lead and make sure to dazzle our loyal audience”.

Jotka exhibits his versatility through a wide range of fine art disciplines – from drawing, painting and advertisement graphics, to ceramics, medal art and spatial composition; to the theatrical scenography and usable forms.


Artist Jerzy Kędziora
Project Balancing Sculptures
Client Emirates Palace Hotel
Location Abu Dhabi, UAE
Year 2016
Status Completed


/ Jerzy Kedziora

As an artist, Jerzy Kędziora represents a totally new direction in carving – the balancing act of the clever sculptures and the laws of physics. He has taken one step further and created the pieces of art that balance in gravity on the thin cord. This made his art not only magni cent to look at but also subjected to sophisticated kinetics. „Jotka” attempts the observers by the new perspective which may change their present point of view. The sculptures are the symbol of human beings’ existence. Similarly to people who walk a tightro- pe between their emotions, decisions and states, the sculptures ght with the forces of nature. His art also represents the unreal and provoking world of dreams, ecstasy and breathtaking acrobatic skills depicted in the form of slacklining in the sculptures, such as: “The Little Gondolier” or “The Acrobat with the Chair”.

Nowadays, his work is highly appreciated among outstanding ne arts experts and critics. He is invited for many exhibitions and we may watch his works of art in many galleries all around the world.

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