Memories of Jumeirah

November 26, 2020

Last year Legacy Landmarks was appointed by the Government of Dubai as a public art consultant to design and implement a series of sculptures to be installed along Jumeirah road, to celebrate the spirit of the exclusive Jumeirah district and honor Dubai’s heritage. 

We selected artists such as Cyril Lancelin, Massimo Sirelli, Martin Kot and Legacy Landmarks in-house designers to collaborate on this project. Our proposal consisted of 8 art pieces, very diverse in style and form, carefully selected to reflect the unique and diverse character of the surroundings.

After final approval by the Dubai Government of Media Office we proceeded with production. The first sculptures were supposed to appear in the select bus stops along Jumeirah Road in March 2020, however, due to pandemic installation was postponed to November.

Today, visitors and habitants of this prominent neighborhood can admire giant, colorful chickens or glass balls similar to marble evoking childhood memories; beautiful, shiny jellyfishes or large-scale teacups or paper boat – a tribute to traditions of the Middle East; and more futuristic symbols such as a gang of robots or a cassette player.