Grove Saadiyat Public Art Masterplan

December 12, 2020

The biggest mixed usage development in the United Emirates and one of the top arts and culture destination in the world will soon be built in the cultural heart of Abu Dhabi. Saadiyat Grove is meant to inspire the new culture of living by embracing art in all its forms, providing a wide range of high-end services and progressive, sustainable solutions.

We are as honored as excited to be the art master planners for this investment, being responsible for the curatorial vision, artists preselection, production and implementation. 

Searching for the right directions and choosing themes that will determine the future art installations, events, or temporary exhibitions we went beyond what’s possible and known, at the same time falling under the contextual analysis and paying respect to the surrounding. 

Inspirations came from the great neighboring museum, representing three different themes and styles, forming the basis for the perception of art in Saadiyat Grove.

Stay tuned for further, exciting updates!