Dictador Art Masters

Dictador Art Masters Foundation ap- pointed LL to be a project manager for this unique street art event. In May 2018 in Colombia, we organized a gathering of some amazingly talented and well-known street artists.

For so-called “urban explorers” who travel undercover with backpacks full of aerosol in their home cities, this is a rare tropical opportunity, a “spraycation” for artists who are specifically invited to enter through the front gate rather than to crawl through a hole in the fence. Closed for decades and slowly returning to the earth, the former distillery still contains all the necessary armature of industrial production equipment that was used to operate it; including its cavernous ovens, looming tanks and smoky charcoaled wood barrels – along with cracked concrete, tall grasses, a murky stream, marching centipedes, some blue spotted wood lizards and iguanas

The vast floor-plan that is spread over neighboring buildings and lots is a real-life playground of creativity all interconnected by intersecting ladders, raised wire platforms, winding hallways, open washbasins and the frequent songs of swooping birds who dart in and out of the hidden recesses of this charming relic of industrial past.

The event marks the first phase of a new program introducing international Street Artists to a uniquely brilliant set of opportunities, DAM is laying plans to eventually take these pieces on the road and raise funds for charity.

The first chapter of Dictador Art Masters is completed. The future remain to be written.

Curated by M-City and managed by Legacy Landmarks, the full official roster of this 1st Phase program includes the following artists:

Ben eine, the London based prolific graffiti and Street artist who recently gave a Ted Talk and who is known as much for his distinctive aerosol letters as his painting that was gifted to President Obama by British Prime Minister Cameron.

D*Face, the contemporary pop/punk multidisciplinary artist and London gallerist.

Erre, the punk-inspired political stencil artist who is very active on Bogota streets with her messages of social justice, anti-corruption, and race and gender equality.

M-city, the magnanimously prolific large-scale stencil artist who has created his own visual language with hundreds of murals in cities around the world that are related to industrial mechanics, factories, trains, and sea-faring vessels.

MonstFur, the 2015 Grand Prix Stencil Art Prize winning Polish collective who craft multi-layered aero- sol hymns to industrial decay.

StinkFish, the Mexico-born Bogota-based painter and his ornately hallowed portraits that elevate the everyday person into a treasured realm.

ToxicóMano, the Colombian pop culture and retro-advertising photo-stencillist, sociologist, and surrealist.