The story behind the letters in the heart of Doha

June 17, 2020

A year ago we shared the news about our collaboration with Jassim Al Nasrallah, Kuwaiti artist, with whom we had the pleasure to work on a project in Doha, Qatar. Months later we come back with the final reveal of our collaboration – Calligraphy Sculpture located in front of the Hilton Residences in The Pearl.

Jassim Al Nasrallah has gained recognition as an artist focusing on calligraphy. In his works, he uses the Arabic alphabet expressed in various mediums, mixing classical approach with contemporary methods. The artist himself believes that Arabic letters ‘carry with them a message from our people, our history and our religion’, and that is exactly what we can now admire in this unique artwork.

Calligraphy Sculpture is an interpretation of a quote from an Old Arabic poem, that reflects on time passing, departures, and comebacks. The concept beautifully connects the modern take on an ancient form of expression, with a powerful yet nostalgic message. The artwork welcomes and says goodbye to everyone visiting Hilton Residences, reminding them about important departures and long-awaited comebacks.

We had the pleasure to manufacture and install it in the very heart of The Pearl district in Doha. The sculpture is composed of 57 calligraphed pieces, wrapped together in a light, intriguing arrangement. Mirror-polished stainless steel and a lighting system let it show both during the day and night.