Revealing unknown

March 18, 2019

Mysterious flamingos by renowned French artist Cyril Lancelin, were the leading theme of 2019 DIFC Art Nights, in the Gate Village, Dubai.

Who hasn’t heard of pink flamingos or hasn’t seen them floating in a pool? These rare birds not only made it world wide, but also became a solid symbol of pop culture. Hardly anyone though, has seen one in a real life. Right?

Just like we hear of artists whose works remain unknown to the wider public or the other way around – we know the painting, sculpture or a landmark, but don’t recognize the artist. The idea then is to discover the hidden artists we know and bring recognition to what surround us.

Cyril Lanceling, known as town.and.concrete, creates artificial landscape to question our environment and make us wonder. The artist also continues his research and push the boundaries in architecture, using unexpected materials and colours. The form, on the other hand, invites spectators to walk and play around the installation. In this way, they become a part of it themselves.

Come and play along! Flamingos are hosted by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) until March 23.