Codazzi, Columbia

  / Dictador Art Masters vol. 2

Hidden in the Colombian jungle, far from the city noise and concrete walls…
Artists from all over the world are turning an old rum distillery into the worlds biggest street art museum.


hand-selected top international Street Artists




km from the nearest civilization


species of endemic animals living around


m2 of painted surface

In January 2019, LL had a great pleasure to manage another edition of this project. We met again in the middle of Colombian jungle to create a collection of art, which normally, in an urban surrounding would never gather as many artists and pieces in the same place.
What was once a rum distillery is now about to become the most unique street art museum, which eventually will be taken on tour to be exhibited around the world. A charitable auction and public viewing will take place at the close of the art tour, and the artwork will be sold off with all proceeds going to recognized conservation charitable foundations.

Hundreds of kilometers from the nearest city, this forgotten post-industrial gem, so far became an inspiration for over 20 street artists. Working together, accompanied only by the sounds of howling jungle, creators had a rare opportunity to get to know each other and get familiar with each other’s work, to seek feedback and share the ideas.

Artist / 2nd edition:
Faith 47, Nychos, Cranio, MadC, Gleo, Pixel Pancho, Pez, Chicadania, Erre, Toxicomano, Shue77, Daleast, TomBob, Mcity

Artists / 1st edition:
Dface, BenEine, Monstfur, Stinfish, Toxicomano, Erre, Mcity


Artist Dictador Art Masters
Project Art Distilled
Client Dictador
Location Codazzi, Columbia
Year 2018
Status Completed



Dictador Art Masters (DAM) is a newly established foundation that promotes unique art experiences and opportunities through selected programming, curated exhibitions, and unrivaled visionary stories. A non-profit foundation connects artists and art fans with opportunities and charities with necessary funds to continue important work.

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