/ Veolocity & Becoming

A journey upwards toward the sky.

Only from the heart can you touch the sky.

/ Velocity

Velocity enchanted in the shape of a wing speak out to the concept of a journey, the one that takes you up in the sky. Wings give one energy and the ability to fly. At the same time, the sculpture is made to convey a wing forms, suggest ascension and a movement of the soul upwards toward the light.

The form rises in an extended arc of fins, that project in a harmonic and geometric pattern from the rounded base. It is striking and unique. The rise of the shape is full of energy. The symmetry, on the other hand, speaks to balance and grace.

Geometric and elegant, Velocity invites viewers to walk around it to discover new views as well as what can be seen between the wings.

The sculpture will be made of the highest quality stainless steel and have a honed finish, which will show the forms off, in a beautiful and timeless way.


Artist Ken Kelleher
Project Veolocity & Becoming
Client Private collector
Location Indonesia
Year 2019
Status Fabrication

/ Becoming

The sculpture is rising upwards toward the sky, it spirals around a central invisible pillar, and gives the idea that it is in a process of ‘becoming’ or tranformation, into something new.

The rise is very dramatic, elegant, full of light and beautiful. The form evokes a dancer spinning in a pirouettes, or a stream of water, spiraling down from the sky. The energy comes from the motion. The sculpture invites viewers to walk around it to discover new views. Each angle is different and unique.


/ Ken Kelleher

Ken Kelleher is an American sculptor. He studied art at Alfred University under sculptors Glenn Zweygardt and William Parry. After college he worked at Hudson Studio, Fine Art Foundry in Niverville, NY where he did finishing work on cast bronze pieces by William Tucker and Anthony Caro, as well as other artists. Hudson Studio was in a shared space at the time with sculptor Jon Isherwood and is in close proximity to Triangle Workshop. Before becoming a Creative Director in Advertising, he produced several series of large abstract sculptures, some of which were sold into private collections. Now twenty years later, Ken has returned to having a full time studio practice. He lives and works with his wife of 25 years at Rehoboth in NH.

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