London, UK

  / Rainbow park

Colourful installation turned the South Bank of the River Thames into interactive playground/course, inviting thousands of passers-by to play, rest and create together.


square meters


tones of coloured sand


different colours



no age limits

By painting the river bank with over 150 tons of rainbow coloured sand, this installation created a beautiful and unusual spectacle. Unlike in the theatre, here the viewers were all invited to play.

Spectators walking all over the park, mostly barefoot, were mixing coulours, especially on the edges, letting new colours appear. For instance, on the edge of red and blue, very soon we saw violet coming into being, yellow and red mixing into orange, smoothly turning individual colours into that of a light spectrum. Sand gradation differed from 0,5 mm up to 3 mm of a grain to activate sense of touch. Boosting imagination and creativity, Rainbow Parks are a flagship example of engaging art installation.

Visitors could also relax on or play with several sculptural units, painted with over 50 different colours.


Artist Adam Kalinowski
Project Rainbow Parks
Client Southbank Center
Location London, UK
Year 2012
Status Completed


/ Adam Kalinowski

Born in 1959 in Poznan, Poland. Studied at the Department of Cultural Anthropology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. M.A. in 1986. M.A. at Ministry of Culture, Departament of Visual Arts, Warsaw in 1992. In 1998 he established The Tadeusz Kalinowski Art Foundation. Author of outdoor projects and critical texts.


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