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  / Pink flamingos at DIFC Art Nights

Large-scale, inflatable flamingos by Cyril Lancelin took over 2019 DIFC Art Nights, speaking to the concept of discovering the hidden artists you know…

Dubai International Financial Centre is one of the world’s top financial centers and the leading financial hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region

This large scale installation of inflatable, pink flamingos designed by Cyril Lancelin was specially made and delivered for the DIFC Art Nights 2019 in collaboration with Legacy Landmarks.
This twice-yearly event is a unique fusion of art, culture and entertainment. Set in the outdo- or setting of the Gate Village, DIFC Art Nights showcase installations from around the world, attracting nearly 4,000 people each season.

This edition revolved around the idea of discovering the hidden artist we know.
Who hasn’t heard of pink flamingos or hasn’t seen them floating in a pool? These rare birds not only made it around the world and the Internet, but also became a solid symbol of pop culture. Hardly anyone though, has seen one in a real life…

The overarching theme speaks to the concept of knowing but not seeing, using the flamingo installations as a metaphor for having heard of some artists without seeing their work. The plethora of local artists participating in DIFC Art Nights is a testament to the established and burgeoning talent the region has cultivated, yet their work is rarely seen by the general public.

– Using the simple, primitive form as a construction material brings the unexpected in the design. Pink flamingos are more than just an object to view. They invite you to walk and play around, be a part of the installation – says Cyril Lancelin.

Visitors, UAE-based hosts artists, special guests, collectors and trendsetters enjoyed outdo- or installations, as well as the latest exhibitions showcased by Dubai’s most prestigious galleries, electronic music performance and light show.


Artist Cyril Lancelin
Project DIFC Art Nights
Client Dubai International Financial Center
Location Dubai, UAE
Year 2019
Status Completed


/ Cyril Lancelin

Born in Lyon, France is a French artist and architect.
After working for 15 years for internationally renow- ned Architects and Artists in Paris and Los Angeles, Cyril Lancelin decided to create his own creative studio in 2016.
Cyril uses primitive forms in his drawings and installations, making them the pillar of his work.
Using parametric tools, he utilizes a vocabulary of classical shapes and volumetric spaces essential to create unique structures. In his vision, shapes are used at the architectural scale to create experiential art.

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