Seoul, South Korea

  / Dandelion Lights

Commissioned for the luxury mixed-use development in Seoul.




each dandelion is hand made out of 3036 elements


meters tall

zero maintenance needed.

in many cultures dandelion means long lasting happiness and youthful joy

These intricate artworks are meant to show in a macro scale a floral delicacy of nature. Made of highest quality stainless steel, with over 3000 elements for each Dandelion, they provide a stunning sight both during the day and especially by night, when their beauty is even further emphasized by lighting effects created by LED lights at the bottom of each stalk.

Commissioned for the upcoming luxury mixed-use development in Seoul.

The viewer is awed by the subtlety of this shape, achieved by enhancing the scale of the object. The artwork’s aim is to illustrate that there is unacknowledged beauty in frequently forgotten forms, done so by enhancing their scale. Dandelions, of the genus Taraxacum, have helicopter-like ways of dispersing their seeds, in science referred to as ‘biomimicry’. The artist strived to capture this ingenious, transformative solution of natural propagation into the metal construction used to build the sculpture.


Artist Mirosław Struzik
Project Dandelion Lights
Client Emaar Properties
Location Seoul, South Korea
Year 2018
Status Completed


/ Mirosław Struzik

Miroslaw is a man of many talents. He is an artist and inventor, as he loves to experiment with new materials and designs. His stunning artworks often combine the innovative technologies in an imaginative composition. Recently installed in Istambul, Miroslaw’s “Dandelions” are a good example of the above. 8 meters high with varying light patterns they form an exquisite and immediately recognizable artwork. This amazing artist has now started a new endeavor by using solar panels in his sculptures. Not only is it clean and environmentally friendly, it also literally makes its own electricity, potentially acting as a landmark and a power plant.


/ Sławomir Martin Kot – Zaniewski

Slawomir Martin Kot – Zaniewskistudied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland at the Faculty of Industrial Design
and continued at Fanschawe College in London, Ontario, Canada. In his work, Martin likes to experiment with materials and forms. His projects combine art and technology, such as 3D print or lighting systems, in perfect proportions.

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